Spell English Language Courses

Our company has more than 25 years of experience in designing and delivering English language courses.

We specialise in teaching professional English. We will tailor a course for your specific field. We have taught specialised English for clients in the paper industry, the forestry sector, mining, finance and tourism, as well as the public sector. We are constantly developing new courses for new areas.

Our private-sector clients range from SMEs to publically listed companies. We have also worked for colleges, universities and public sector entities. We offer courses anywhere in Finland.

We mainly teach intensive courses where the group is removed from the normal working environment and allowed to spend a few days focused on learning together, communicating actively–in English of course!

Aim of the course

The main aim of the course is to empower participants to speak English in an encouraging environment. Their existing language skills are activated and at the same time they extend their vocabulary and learn to use the specialised language of their particular field. We focus on the particular needs of the group and use exercises that simulate real-life situations.

The course is also a form of teambuilding and networking. The suggestopedic teaching method creates a relaxed atmosphere that encourages the participants to get to know each other better.

Any questions?

For more information or to request an offer for a tailored course, please contact:

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