Mining English

The mining English course is built around a set of materials designed to prepare participants to discuss mining-related topics.

The course includes

  • tailored written materials
  • tailored activities and exercises
  • all other teaching materials
  • 9 – 10 hours of teaching per day

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Optimum group size: 8-10. Maximum group size: 12

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Information about the course

The course materials are specially designed for mining sector employees and include a set of dialogues and accompanying vocabulary and conversation exercises. The course consists of three three-day modules, which can be spaced out over a few months. Ideally, the course should be organised in a setting that allows the participants to disconnect from work—for example, a residential adult education centre.

Topics covered have included

  • Receiving foreign guests
  • Presenting your own organisation
  • Mining in Finland
  • The Finnish Mining Act
  • Sustainable development
  • The Environmental Impact Assessment procedure
  • Environmental and security matters
  • International projects
  • Land use and construction

Aim of the course

Besides improving their vocabulary, participants will build up confidence and their courage to express themselves in English. They will also work on their learning strategies. The course aims to enable students to discuss topics related to mining and to communicate in the situations they are likely to encounter in a business context.

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Dominic Landon

I have worked as a language trainer for more than 25 years.

My name is Dominic Landon. I was brought up in Naantali, Finland, in a bilingual (Anglo-Finnish) family. Having trained as a professional actor in London, I received my MA in English from the Universities of Helsinki and Oulu in Finland.

Building on my double degree, I’ve developed a teaching technique that is lively, precise and effective. I keep things relaxed and enjoyable and always put my students centre-stage. I have lots of experience and I make a point of motivating all participants, whatever their level. It all comes down to one simple idea: active learning. For me, a successful course means that every single participant goes home feeling more confident.

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