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What our clients say

The teaching method

Spell English courses use the latest active learning methods that build on team spirit, fun assignments and active participation.

Team spirit, stronger skills

We offer entertaining exercises and a supportive atmosphere for truly effective learning and communication.


A welcoming and positive learning environment

We always work in small groups to create an atmosphere that fosters open communication and effective learning.


Stimulating teaching methods

We use activating techniques to get the students talking and to make learning effortless.

Dominic Landon

I have worked as a language trainer for more than 25 years.

My name is Dominic Landon. I was brought up in Naantali, Finland, in a bilingual (Anglo-Finnish) family. Having trained as a professional actor in London, I received my MA in English from the Universities of Helsinki and Oulu in Finland.

Building on my double degree, I’ve developed a teaching technique that is lively, precise and effective. I keep things relaxed and enjoyable and always put my students centre-stage. I have lots of experience and I make a point of motivating all participants, whatever their level. It all comes down to one simple idea: active learning. For me, a successful course means that every single participant goes home feeling more confident.

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