The teaching method

Spell language courses use modern active teaching methods based on team spirit, fun assignments and active participation.

Team spirit, stronger skills

In traditional language teaching, the instructor is an authority figure who transmits knowledge to the class. However, this can be problematic if it reduces the learner to a passive role as a mere receiver of information. At Spell, we take a completely different approach. Our communicative teaching method, combined with fun assignments and a positive team spirit, allows participants to really improve their language skills. Indeed, the instructor gradually retreats further and further into the background. Music, which is known to stimulate learning, is used extensively in our courses.

A welcoming and positive learning environment

At Spell, we put a lot of emphasis on creating a welcoming atmosphere and a learning environment that is joyful and encouraging. The chairs are arranged in a circle, which fosters open communication between participants. We work in small, rotating groups—and we make sure we get up and move around regularly. Traditional language teaching is based on memorising, but we encourage learners to use the language they are learning freely and creatively.

Teaching materials based on the client’s needs

We always tailor the teaching materials to the needs of the client. Before each course, the client sends us background material relevant to their activity. We examine the material together with the client and identify the main areas on which we will focus. We then provide the client with their very own, custom-designed texts.

For more information or to request an offer for a tailored course, please contact: